About StandOut

What is StandOut?  Doesn’t it feel better when we operate from a place of strength rather than weakness? Mission believes everyone has unique talents and gifts. By partnering with The Marcus Buckingham Company™, we are on a journey to train all our managers on how to identify the top two strengths for everyone on their team by implementing StandOut across the organization. Then, managers work to help each person learn to operate from their strengths every day.  This proven approach provides a tool to help you check-in with your leader on a much more regular basis, using questions that help your leader know you better, and focus you on important near-term priorities. The most basic question StandOut poses is, “At work, do you have the opportunity to use your strengths every day?”

Why are we doing it? StandOut is built on decades of research into what the world’s best team leaders do. By replicating those best practices, StandOut helps every team, and each individual on the team, become the very best they can be.  By checking in more regularly, we clarify expectations more rapidly to adjust and adapt our priorities.  Ultimately, when we work from our strengths every day, everyone is happier, more connected and more productive. Learn about Mission Health’s StandOut Story in this video.

How does it work? Implementing StandOut starts with our leaders, who work to identify and build their own strengths, and to do the same for members of their teams. This is not a “once and done” project, but an ongoing cultural transformation that will change the way we all approach our work, and help our teams achieve the results we need and want. But don’t just take our word for it – hear from one of our team members about what StandOut has meant for her and her team.


As new team members come on board, they will be invited to take their own assessment and begin the process. The Resources section on this page includes a StandOut roadmap, which will help you identify where you and your team are on the journey.

You’ll also find an overview of the nine Strengths Roles, which will help you begin to understand your own results, and those of your colleagues. And of course, talk with your leader if you have questions about where you and your team are on the StandOut journey.

What do I need to do?  When you receive an invitation from your leader to take the StandOut assessment and join a team, accept it!  You’ll learn your strengths, share your check-in with your leader and keep the communication flowing.

How can I learn more? This page is full of tips and resources to help you make the most of StandOut. Watch the videos you’ll find in the Resources section, look for helpful shortcuts and tips in the Tips section, and even link directly to the StandOut platform from this page.

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