Leaves Of Absence: Things To Know

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Pay Status While on Leave

Generally, an employee who is taking leave must use all accrued paid time off prior to being placed in an unpaid leave status. For “self” medical leaves where short-term disability benefits are likely to apply, you must use accrued paid time off for 14 continuous calendar days. After that, you may use a portion of your accrued paid time off to “gross up” your short-term disability benefit to 100% of your pre-disability earnings, but only during the first 6 (six) weeks of your short-term disability benefit period. The time period when you may use PTO also includes the two (2) week wait period, for a total of eight (8) weeks.

Unpaid Status
PTO will accrue if you use PTO, but does not accrue with short-term disability payments. Accrued time off stops when you move to an unpaid status. Accrued time off will restart upon your return to paid status.

Short-term Disability
If your medical leave is expected to extend longer than 14 calendar days, you may be eligible for short-term disability benefits. You must contact Aflac to initiate your claim. Learn more about short-term disability here.

Long-term Disability
If your medical leave extends six (6) months or longer, you may be eligible to apply for Long-term Disability (LTD) benefits. If you anticipate being on medical leave longer than six (6) months, contact the Leave Management Team as soon as possible for more information. Aflac will initiate a LTD claim for employees on short-term disability, if appropriate. Learn more about long-term disability here.

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Employee Benefits While On Leave

While you are on leave, Mission will continue your benefits during the leave period at the same level and under the same conditions as if you had continued to work.

While on paid leave, Mission will continue to make payroll deductions to collect your share of the premium.

While on unpaid leave, your normal payroll deductions will accrue and be collected once you return to work. Once you return to work, your accumulated deductions will be equally allocated over the first 4 (four) full payroll periods effective after your return. If you don’t return to work, you will receive notice to pay your missed premium deductions.

Benefits will stop after 6 (six) months of your leave, and COBRA notification will be initiated.

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Notice Requirements for Returning from Leave

You should notify your supervisor and the Time Away From Work Service Center at least 3 days prior to returning to work from a leave of absence. If your leave is for your own illness or injury, you are required to submit a completed Return to Work Release Form to the Time Away From Work Service Center.

Failure to Return from Leave
Any employee who fails to return to work as scheduled after leave may be subject to dismissal from employment. Employees who exceed their leave without extension(s) of their leave approved under appropriate leave provisions may be subject to dismissal from employment and applicable attendance policies.

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Contact the Time Away From Work Service Center

Click here to go to the MySedgwick Time Away From Work Portal.

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